Fine Wood accent pieces for your home.

Please pardon the dust as I find time to move the violin making page to it's new home.

I'm influenced by the simplicity of Shaker design as well as the ethos of the Arts and Crafts movement. I try to make use of solid woods and simple shapes so the beauty of the natural materials may be enjoyed.

Solid wood accent tables, boxes, and wall cabinets to grace fine homes. Hand made with the hope that someone will have just the right need and place it with pride in their home. Give the outside a coat of natural beeswax furniture polish once or twice a year and enjoy it for a long time to come.

All these items are made by me to a high standard of workmanship. It is my goal to make desirable things in fine woods that will last for many years.

It gives me satisfaction to know that your small table or cabinet will be treasured by your family and, with minimal care, will be passed down for generations.

That is rare in today's world of mass produced throw-away consumer items. I hope you will enjoy your purchase and that it will enjoy a place of honor in your home.